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The RadMini By Rad Power Bikes Is Hefty Yet Rad!

Tito Hamze reviews the Radmini Electric Folding Fat bike by Rad Power Bikes. This thing is a heavy beast but one hell of a smooth ride. Produced by Tito Hamze (@titoyooo) Host Tito Hamze Editor Tito Hamze Shooter Gregory Manalo…

First proof of quantum computer advantage

For many years, quantum computers were not much more than an idea. Today, companies, governments and intelligence agencies are investing in the development of quantum technology. Robert König, professor for the theory of complex quantum…

Nanodiamonds as photocatalysts

Climate change is in full swing and will continue unabated as long as we do not succeed in significantly reducing CO2 emissions. For this we need all the options. One idea is to return the greenhouse gas CO2 to the energy cycle: CO2 could… video News

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